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W3A RoC bans

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W3A RoC bans

Postby viiksi-vallu » Feb 9th, '17, 16:37


For team killing or leaving on purpose in RT:
- First time: banned 1 week from playing RT games on every account;

Banned Hanounaki / RT for 1 week due to leaving games for no reason at all. leaves after 13 second. Leaves after 1 minute, the game was not over at all + I've heard other complaints about him doing stuff like this, so here is the proof for it.

Ban will be 1 week of RT for both.

Solo is still playable.

The RoC community is very small place, so please, its really difficult to judge sometimes..
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Re: W3A RoC bans

Postby Hanounaki » Feb 22nd, '17, 11:14

You are mistake on the people to ban, its not hanounaki but s-god that need a ban. Please, watch the replays before banning people for no purpose. S-god was tower rush 4 games in a row because he had me ally. Thanks to ban the right people.
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