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LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #3

Published Sun Nov 24, 2013 by LoveStruck
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Replayers LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #3

Our third week in LoneWolf#4. This means we have a different top 8 again!

There have been some changes. Not for the rank 1 though. That's still Joker. Rank 3 is now held by LW4]FarSeer, who has only recently joined our ladder. More about that later in this article.

- Current top 8 -

As I've mentioned before, we see FarSeer placed at rank 3 now. Since there are quite some people who have been waiting before telling us (Cuborg and myself) who they are, we decided to create a rule about this. These people, by waiting a long time before joining the actual LoneWolf ladder, are suddenly into the top 8 kicking someone else out just like a bolt from the blue.

To prevent this in the upcoming weeks we are adding another rule. Which is the following.

New rule
When a player reaches level 30, this player MUST join Clan LW4 and tell me or Cuborg who he is. Then, we will add him to the ladder page, taking officially part to the LoneWolf event. Who doesn't do so won't be able to participate.

Something I should tell to the players who this rule applies to: we will NOT publicly tell who you are. We will just add you to the list and keep record of everyone who is participating in LoneWolf.

Top 8 players revealed at end of ladder
Another important thing is that we will reveal the top 8 players once the ladder stage is over. The real names will be put in the brackets.

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