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LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #2

Published Sat Nov 16, 2013 by LoveStruck
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Replayers LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #2

This week we are looking at the current Top 8 again. Which players
are in it, and what changes there are compared to last week.

One things for sure, the ranked 1 gamer is still the same.
His name goes by: LW4]Joker

- Current top 8 -

Changes with last week
What's noticable is that LW4]WhOmeN has gone back from rank 2 to rank 6. That's quite the drop in place on the top 8. LW4]HarryTripper, LW4]RAMPAGE and LW4]MaAdek seem to have left top 8 and got replaced byLW4]321, LW4]Shink and LW4]k1LLeR_96.

It's obvious that no one seems to be safe of a spot in top 8 just yet. Many players who have started LoneWolf #4 a bit later still have a good shot at the top 8 position with still 5 weeks left to go. Players need to spend alot of time playing a massive amount of games. The first one to reach level 30 is LW4]Joker. It seems that he already played 370 games in the last 2 weeks, although there will be quite the freewins and freeloses in there as well from abusing. The other top 8 gamers also have at least between 150 and 200 games or more played. Quite active lonewolfers!

Lone Wolf Replays
I'd like to remind you of the fact that we reward $10,- US dollars to the one who uploads the best replay from this LoneWolf event. And when we're talking about replays now, we've had some excellent games being uploaded which have been put as RotW games and Top replays! Great to see that ladder can once again provide excellent gameplay by the players of ROC. We should also not forget the mainy LoneWolf players showing up in our 'Active replays' tab. Very good to see this much activity going on! Please do continiue!

Some words from the players
First off, I've spoken to LW4]Shink. I asked him about the competition in LoneWolf so far, and he tells me the competition is very hard. He names LW4]rafiki as example. He also tells me that he thinks its alot harder to be in top 8 than last seasons.When I asked him if he will maintain a spot in the top 8, he could only say 'I'll do my best, but 7 weeks is very long. Oh and, abuse is a good thing!'.

Next up is LW4]LanaDelRey. Another player who is currently positioned in the top 8. He says its very nice that some players are returning to play, specifically for LoneWolf. I asked him which player is hard to beat and he named LW4]k1LLeR_96. About staying in the top 8, he said the following: ' There are great players around. I will be playing until I'm motivated. I'm wondering what will be the required level to get in the top 8 at the end. I guess it will be higher than it was in previous seasons!'

Unknown LoneWolfers
Then there are some unknown guys, like LW4]FarSeer, LW4]eLastiQ and others, who haven't yet signed up for Clan LW4 and thus not for the official ladderpage. They wish to remain unknown for a while. Eventually, they will have to reveal themselves anyway.

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