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LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #1

Published Sat Nov 09, 2013 by LoveStruck
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Replayers LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #1

Every week, we will make a newspost which contains an update about who the top 8 solo players are, how the event is going in general and perhaps add some words from the players themselves.

Lets start by viewing the current top 8 LW4 Gamers.

- Current top 8 -


Top 8
Above here you can see the current ranked 8 players. There has been some discussion going on about our latest lonewolf, wether or not we should have disallowed abuse in any way. We've decided to, for this season, allow it and its definately coming back in the stats of the players. Most of the players in top 8 started with some kind of abuse and found their way to the top. Some names might sound familiar, like LW4]Pawlaki and others may be smurfers. I guess that the #1 named LW4]Joker is still unknown but there might be some speculations going on. Its only the first week, so many things in this top 8 will change. People will dissapear and others will maintain a spot.

People's opinion about abuse
One player we do know, who isn't in the top 8 (yet?!) is YURTHEBESTOFCTT aka LW4]79 in this season of LoneWolf. Last night I was streaming some games and I met him on the ladders. He told me that I was the first player he met who actually controlled his units, so to say. I then asked him this morning about his opinion about the abuse part of the event. He told me that he couldn't put it in better words than Dinko did on his blog, but in short; he is meeting alot of players below his level. I can imagine this gets a bit boring.

LoneWolf without abuse?
When you're asking me; should we allow abuse or not? My opinion was first strongly against DISallowing abuse. We've had LoneWolf #1, 2 and 3 with abuse and everything went fine. We should not forget that we are only in the FIRST week of season 4! Out of experience I know that after like 2-3 weeks maybe, the abuse won't have much effect anymore because players reach the higher levels and abusing will hurt them more than doing them any good. Abusing gives them a quick start and boost of motivation to play to get alot of games very fast. Sure, I understand that there are people like who are strongly against it, but I didn't feel like we can just drastically make such a decision a couple of days before the start when people are used to abusing and all of a sudden are not allowed anymore. I'd like to do this more gradually. Abuse has its positive and negative sides, for obvious reasons. The question is if we will see alot of people having to wait for games, at f.e. late or early hours, since they are unable to abuse and not many other Lone Wolf gamers are online to play when we do not allow abuse. People might get demotivated from that as well.

Sure, we've had W3Arena RoC in the past where abuse didn't even work and people would just face eachother and play. The ladder was somewhat active with less players than on BNet. But, we didn't have a matchmaking system there at all. Everyone could meet everyone. 

Something else to keep in mind; there are obviously alot of people who don't mind having abuse added in the LoneWolf event or not. They just go with it and enjoy the event their way. There are some who are against it, but in minor numbers (as far as I can tell).

Test event
Since we are curious to what would happen if we'd not allow any abuse, how players would respond to it and how the matchmaking system of BNet would work in this kind of event, we will host a similar ladder event was LoneWolf. It won't last as long as this one and it won't yet be season 5. It will be a test to see how a laddercompetition without abuse would be played. We will then make a decision based on this test to allow or disallow LoneWolf on the next season.

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