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Lone Wolf 4

Published Mon Oct 28, 2013 by LoveStruck
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RapiNG, S_A_I_B_O_T and again RapiNG. Glories of a not so remote past, in which wolf packs separated to contend food and their very life. Those days are back, because after months and months of waiting, with a smashing 31% on our latest poll, we're finally proud to announce the fourth season of Lone Wolf!

Format: Solo

Platform:, Northrend

- 7 weeks for ladder games, from November 2 to December 22
- 2 weeks for the playoffs, in custom games (the schedule will be given later)

LW tag and participation:
- Players who would like to participate have to create an account with a specified Lone Wolf tag that will be given on November 2 itself
- UPDATE: Once the account is created, you have to reach 20 wins to get invited into the clan LW4 (required info: your main account)
- UPDATE: Clan members will be counted as the only licit players of this event and will be added to our Lone Wolf Ladderpage
-IMPORTANT UPDATE: The LW tag for season 4 will be "LW4]". This means it will look like the following example: LW4]DeathWing
Your account must have this tag in order to get invited into Clan LW4 and to have your account added to our private Lone Wolf #4 ladder

- Top 8 players from the ladder advance to the playoffs
- Single elimination bracket generated as rank 1 vs rank 8, rank 2 vs rank 7, etc, in such a way as to benefit the ones with the highest rank
- BO5 up to semifinals, final is BO7
- Map pool: PI, Frost, Legends, LT, TP, GW, Moon, SB
- Ladder-like system: before each game, the two contestants let an administrator know privately their vetoes (up to 2) and race. The map will then be randomly picked (there is the possibility of repetitions during the best-of)

- 60 USD to the winner
- 30 USD to the runner-up
- 10 USD to the winner of the best uploaded replay, which will be decided by our staff
- The champion will also receive a special Lone Wolf icon, as an award for his achievement, on his account
- Finalists will have access to our quality hostbot, RP.Hostingbot

Best replay:
- Replay candidates have to be uploaded under the tournament tag "Lone Wolf 4"
- Both ladder and playoffs games are accepted
- It has to feature at least a participant in this competition
- Strangers to this competitions have to be defeated and must not cheat

Weekly reports:
- Weekly reports will be published on our homepage to get track of the on-going ladder among the participants of this competition
- UPDATE: You can follow the Lone Wolf participants' ranking anytime. You can find the link at the top of our main page, section announcements, or here. It automatically updates once every 10 minutes

- Cheating, such as maphacking or using any kind of third party program
- Account sharing. Doing so will lead to disqualification. One player per account
- Abusing (more details in the next paragraph)
- Freewinning yourself or receiving alot of freewins from friends

- UPDATE: In these last days we've had a discussion, followed by a voting in our staff team. We have concluded, as the final decision, that we will allow abuse in Lone Wolf #4 without any restriction. We've decided so because we believe that a specific group of people could have a very hard time finding enough opponents to keep up with the others.

Note: administrators have the right to decide, at any time, whether or not a player is allowed to take part to the ladder or the final stage of the event, based on their findings.

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