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Twin Tours - Rules

Published Mon Oct 14, 2013 by LoveStruck
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As we announced before, Twin Tours is ready to be run!

Are you wondering why they are called "twins"? It is simple, we are going to host 2 tournaments consecutively, both with the same format and rules. Winners of each will clash in a final match. It is up to you in which tournament you are going to participate, even though you can't sign-up twice. You could take advantage of this concept for at least three reasons:
Duties: everybody has his duties, which could be a hitch for signing-up in a single tournament;
Players: someone would like to meet/avoid a specific player, maybe for his skills or behavior;
Win chances: some smart guy could opt to get into the tournament in which he feels he has the highest chances to go through.

- Tournament 1 on Friday, October 18, at 16:00 CEST (14:00 BNet time)
- Tournament 2 on Saturday, October 19, at 16:00 CEST (14:00 BNet time)
- Grandfinal on Sunday, October 20, at 16:00 CEST (14:00 BNet time)

- Sign-ups are open for both tournaments, but you have to sign-up only once. It is not possible to change your mind and sign-out to take part in the other one, once your request has been accepted by an administrator at the page
- At maximum 16 participants for each tournament. Sign-ups are closed when the maximum number of players is registered or when time has expired (Friday, October 18, at 14:00 CEST). Once both sign-up lists are full, we may accept late-comers and put them in a waiting list in case a player doesn't show up, to replace him
- Of course punctuality is always welcome

Format and maps
- Solo, Single Elimination
- Every match is BO3, tournaments Finals BO5, Grandfinal BO7
- Map pool(7): RR SV LT(1) RV TP TM GW. rpRuinedRainbow, rSecretValley, rLostTemple, rRiftValley, rTranquilPath, rpTwistedMeadows, rManaGnollWood
- First map is LT
- Map veto:
BO3: each participant vetoes 2 maps. The remaining 3 maps can be played. Loser picks the next map.
BO5: each participant vetoes 1 map. The remaining 5 maps can be played. Loser picks the next map.
BO7: there is no veto. Loser picks the next map from the whole mappool.
- Hostbot: RP.Hostingbot

Default wins and disconnections
- A default win can be obtained if the opponent doesn't show up for 15 minutes.
- If a game has started and a player disconnects, the game can be replayed if the opponent agrees. If the disconnected player obviously won the match, the replay must be sent to an administrator, who then will decide whether the match will be restarted or not. For a rematch, participants have to choose the same races as in the previous one. In case of random, the player has to pick the same race he randomized before.

Additional Info
- Everyone is welcome except: smurfs, hackers and trolls.
- Channel: "Warcraft III RP".
- Race: any.
- Observers are allowed unless a participant forbids them.
- The winner has to save and upload every game or send them to an administrator. A game without replays won't be validated.
- Livestream will be available on our main page.

The winner gets 20 EUR via PayPal, sponsored by Santy.

Tour 1 (Friday): Sign-up Tour 2 (Saturday): Sign-up

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