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Custom maps

Published Sat Oct 12, 2013 by LoveStruck
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Aren't you able to watch an active replay because you are missing the map? Are you bored to open every damn time the custom map download link? Well, it's time for us to release a compact block of the most used custom maps that could possibly come in handy. It covers five major categories:
  • rMaps (download): the most famous variation of classic maps;
  • rMaps2.0 (download): very similar to rMaps, featuring minor edits;
  • TFT-converted (download): renowned TFT maps converted to RoC;
  • RS Maps (download): once developed for the w3arena server, now deeply reworked;
  • Others (download): created from scratch by players and getting a good/great success.
It's suggested to move them to your Warcraft III/Maps/Download folder, since usually new maps are loaded there. However, note that sometimes the map path could be different, most likely due to hostbot settings, and then it will be up to you to copy-paste them in the right folder. Also, some maps end with a "~1" and you may need to momentarily swap its name with the one without "~1" to correctly run the replay.

Download links are avaible on our announcements section as well.

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