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Lone Wolf Season 3

Published Sat Sep 29, 2012 by LoveStruck
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See below*

Lone Wolf #3

Ladder Competition


Sponsored by and CarleneOo (Viva). Payment with PayPal.

Prize distribution:
$90 for the LoneWolf#3 Winner.
$20 for the LoneWolf#3 Number 2 (runner-up finalist).

Replays to be uploaded to tournament field " Lone Wolf 3 "


The champion will also receive this icon below, as crown for his achievement on his username.

The special Replayerstag you have to add on your BNet Account will be:

" LW] " Example: LW]DeathWing or LW]Nostalgia

This way you can participate in LoneWolf #3! May the best LoneWolf win! GL & HF!

LoneWolf BNet channel: Clan RP

- 6 Weeks of solo ladder-play on the Northrend (European) server.
- 1 Bracket of the top 16 invited ladder players.
- The bracket will be generated as rank 1 vs rank 16, rank 2 vs rank 15 etc. So the idea is to get as high a rank as possible to increase your chances to win.

Saturday October 6th.
- On this date we will announce the special Replayerstag which is needed on your account for participation!

- Hacking in any way is not allowed. Even if it's hacking versus hackers, you will be removed from the competition.

- Account sharing is forbidden. Doing so will lead to disqualification. One player per account.

- Create an account with the special Replayerstag to participate. "LW]"

- Top 16 players with the special tag on the ladder of Northrend (Europe) after 6 weeks of playing will be invited to participate in the bracket to play for the TOTAL of 90 US dollars prizefor the winner, and 20 US dollars for the runner up.

- First games of bracket (Round1 till semi-finals) can be arranged by the players themselves. - Finals will be arranged by both finalists and admin(s).
- Brackets until semi-finals are best of five. Finals is best of seven.
- Mappool bracket: All solo type ladder maps from the ladder.

-All top 8 finalists that make it into the brackets, will get lifetime hostbot access to our quality Replayers hostbot, RP.Hostingbot. 'LoneWolf' Ladder:
We will have to add players manually to the ladder. The fastest way for us to know about each participant, is leave a comment with your account name in the newspost. This way, we can add you to the ladder and you can see yourself amongst all LoneWolf players.

Here is an example:

Here you can find the ladder:

Click HERE


Because of the 'hardware update' of blizzard, user profiles on the BNet webpage are NOT working yet. Since our private LoneWolf ladder works by using that data, the ladder won't be available untill the user profiles on the page are fixed.


The ladder has been made possible and working for RoC by LF8.My0ldDream. A big thanks to him! It can also be found in the announcements at the top of the page under [LONE WOLF #3 LADDER PAGE] Visit his

* admins hold any right to decide whether or not a player is allowed to participate in the ladder-period or the bracket in the later stage of the event based on their findings.*

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