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Description Competition

Published Sat Aug 25, 2012 by LoveStruck
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Description Making Competition

We'd like to ask you, the community to take a step forward and put your creative skills to the test. We are currently searching an active top/rotw description maker that's got PhotoShop experience (or video making experience) and is motivated to create up to 4 descriptions a month.

If you think that this person could be you, please make a description to the following top replay, [Here] upload it to a website like '' or '' and for videos and send the viewing link to the email address:

If we think you have what it takes to be an active description maker for then you will be made an admin here with us to do this exciting and challenging role. We will announce after 2 weeks (Sunday 9th September) who we have chosen.

You must have a recognisable Replayers account and/or a known account to participate, which you should add in the email you send in. Descriptions should be no wider than 750 pixels and can be as long as you see fit. Gl and Hf with your descs!

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