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Interview with LoneWolf #1 winner - RapiNG

Published Sat Jun 23, 2012 by LoveStruck
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Interview with the Lone Wolf Season 1 Winner

Name: RapiNG
Age: 20
Country: France
Clan: nS

Rocafella: Hi RapiNG, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Congratulations for winning the Lone Wolf Ladder Competition!

RapiNG: Hello, thanks to for doing this event in the first place.

Rocafella: Could you tell us your name, age and where you are from?

RapiNG: My name is Titouan, I'm 20 years old and I'm from France.

Rocafella: How long have you played Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos?

RapiNG: Over 8 years

Rocafella: What patch did you enjoy the most?

RapiNG: 1.26

Rocafella: What is your favourite solo race?

RapiNG: Human

Rocafella: What is your favourite solo race match up?

RapiNG: Human vs. Nightelf

Rocafella: What are the biggest imbalances you are aware of on Warcraft 3 Roc?

RapiNG: The maps

Rocafella: What do you think of the Roc community, and you can be as honest as you like!

RapiNG: Once you played League of Legends for a bit, you start to think that the roc community is great.

Rocafella: What do you think makes roc attractive enough for so many people to keep playing it?

RapiNG: It's simply a very good game and its still active in terms of tournaments,leagues, cups etc

Rocafella: Do you appreciate all the work that the community puts into keeping Roc active and alive?

RapiNG: Yes

Rocafella: What Kind of music do you like to listen to in your free time and while you play Warcraft 3?

RapiNG: Orchestral Soundtrack / Epic Themes.

Rocafella: Did you enjoy playing the Lone Wolf ladder competition?

RapiNG: Yes a lot.

Rocafella: What will you spend your winners prize of $50 on?

RapiNG: Motor fuel.

Rocafella: Was the $50 prize a big enough incentive for you to play Lone Wolf, or would you have played it anyway for the love of Roc?

RapiNG: I dont play for money and if I did i chose the wrong game, but its always a plus to have a prize. ; )

Rocafella: Who was your hardest opponent in the Lone Wolf ladder competition?

RapiNG: ByYyroN

Rocafella: Did the Lone Wolf movie trailer motivate you to play?

RapiNG: Im always motivated, but it added epicness to the competition.

Rocafella: Were you suprised at the amount of Random players in this Tournament?

RapiNG: Yes

Rocafella: Would you play another season if given the opportunity?

RapiNG: Yes

Rocafella: For a possible next season of Lone Wolf, would you like to see the format changed to a Ladder Team Orientated Tournament, such as RT or AT, or would you prefer to see another successful Ladder Solo Tournament? If so why?

RapiNG: I would like to see another Ladder Solo Tournament because its gonna be interesting to see if someone new makes it to top 8 and how the precedent top 8 player will do. A Ladder Team Orientated Tournament sounds good too because there are people that mostly plays RT/AT that might take part in it, I also think team games can be exciting to watch.

Rocafella: Do you work? If so what is your job?

RapiNG: Yes, Im a Mixed Martial Artist.

Rocafella: How do you manage such a successful gaming career along with real life responsibilities such as work? Is it difficult to find time to play W3 tournaments and work at the same time?

RapiNG: I'm my own boss so I can work a schedule that permits me to work aswell as playing tournaments, moreover It's two things im passionate about so it helps.

Rocafella: Have you ever tried teaching Marie to become as a succesful gamer as yourself?

RapiNG: Yes, for about 2 minutes but I dont think shes interested in becoming a succesful gamer.

Rocafella: Other than Warcraft 3 Roc, are there any other online games you play?

RapiNG: I also play StarCraft II.

Rocafella: What stopped you from moving onto TFT?

RapiNG: I started doing well on RoC.

Rocafella: What advice do you have for newcomers to this game, or players that just want to improve?

RapiNG: Have fun and use google/, a lot.

Rocafella: Ok now for abit of fun! To finish the questions I'd like to ask you to answer the next 5 multiple choice questions really fast without hesitation!

Q: Elf or Orc?

A: Elf

Q: Chocolate or French Fries?

A: French Fries

Q: Ghoul & Gargs or Fiends

A: Ghoul & Gargs

Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: Both

Q: Lone Wolf or Solo League?

A: Lone Wolf

Rocafella: Thanks Titou for your time today and taking part in this interview! We wish you all the best in the future with your gaming career and in your real life responsibilities!

RapiNG: Thanks very much, it was my pleasure.

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