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UPCOMING SHOWMATCH- Minimum 100$ Prize!

Published Sun Nov 13, 2011 by LoveStruck
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Hi everyone,

It's great seeing RoC active especially as of lately, and we'd like to keep it going!

We want to organize a showmatch in the near future with a 100$ prize (Minimum)

Please tell us if you'd rather see a 1v1 or 2v2 showmatch, and who you'd like to see play, we'll then make sure this showmatch happens!

This showmatch will be sponsored by FaceFlow Video Chat.

There is one thing that could be done in order to increase the prize pool: make FaceFlow win an award by following these steps :

1. Go to -
2. Sign in using Facebook (click on the Facebook button to login)
3. The fields should be prefilled with : "I nominate 'FaceFlow' for 'Best Online Video Streaming Service/App' in the Mashable Awards."
4. Click nominate.

Done! (You can vote everyday for the next 3 days. I really want to win this award guys, so it would be very appreciated if you could take 30 seconds to vote and also tell your friends to vote too!)

Please comment and tell us what match up you would like to see in a showmatch and what players you would like seeing.

Thanks everybody and let's keep RoC alive!

- Chico

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