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4On Cup 4

Published Tue Mar 31, 2015 by LoveStruck
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Friday, April 3
3 PM BNet time (5 PM CEST)
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Grandfinal: RapiNG 3-2 ItsMyBirthday

Game 1: []
Game 2: []

Losers bracket final: ItsMyBirthday 1-0 heke
Game 1: []

Winners bracket final: RapiNG 2-0 heke
Game 1: []
Game 2: []


System: Solo - Double Elimination bracket (winner bracket BO3, loser bracket BO1)
Map pool: rLostTemple (first map), rSecretValley, rOutskirts, rRiftValley, rGnollWood, rTranquilPaths, rEchoIsles.
HostBots available:

Date: Friday, 3. April
Time: 15PM BNET time (17PM CET time)
Meeting channel: Clan 4On or 4On (If the main channel is under spam attack)


You can play each race (random included) only once per match (BO3). Example: Player A picks human the first game and Player B picks orc. Second game Player A must pick something else than human and Player B must pick something else than orc. Same for the third game, Player A can't pick human and the race he played in game 2, Player B can't pick orc and the race he played in game 2.
Each player can veto one map.
Loser chooses the next map.
Maps can't be played twice.
Smurfs arent allowed to take part (1 icon minimum).
Hackers will be immediately banned.
If your opponent is away for more than 20 minutes, you'll get the win by default.
If you disconnect before 5 minutes, you have to remake the game (valid only 1 time for the whole tournament). Otherwise it's your opponent's choice to take the win or remake.

If you have host issues or results to tell, contact Felicity. or RapiNG. Good luck and Have fun!

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