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W3Arena Cup 3

Published Fri Apr 03, 2015 by CUBORG
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Saturday, April 4
3 PM BNet time (5 PM CEST)
[Info and sign-up]

We are hosting Warcraft III ROC cups on the W3Arena server with prize money.

The first one to win 3 cups will be awarded with 20 dollars. Of course, any further contribution is welcome to raise the prize money and award other winners as well.

RapiNG won the first two cups. Is there anybody who would be able to stop him?

Date: 2015.04.04 Saturday
Time: 17:00 CEST
Platform: W3Arena server, channel:
Prize: The first one to win 3 cups will be awarded with 20$
Format: Solo, Single Elimination. Every match is BO3, final BO5
Race: Any (hu orc elf ud rdm)
Hostbot: W3A-Hostbot
Map type: W3Arena version, except for (2)Amazonia (AZ) and (2)GreenCanal2 (GC)
Map pool: LT AZ GC OS RV GW TP

Map veto system and race pick: Sticky races for each match. First off, the players have to decide which race they are going to play for that specific round and share it with the opponent.
The map vetoing can begin after the races are agreed/picked:
BO3: Each participant vetoes 2 maps. The remaining 3 maps can be played. LT is the first map, so it can't be vetoed. The loser picks the next map.
BO5 (final): Each participant vetoes 1 map (LT can't be vetoed as this is the first map to play). The remaining 5 maps can be played. The loser picks the next map.
Note: maps can't be repeated in the same round.

Sign-up: You have to create an account on W3Arena. Note that the created account can be used for both the website and the game server.
To sign-up simply write a comment under this newspost or whisper CUBORG on BNet/W3A. If you have any trouble logging in to the game server do not hesitate to use our forum.

Replays/Streamcasts: You can post your games to our replay section. The semifinals and final games must be uploaded.
Feel free to stream your games in first person view, or as an observer. Any stream can be added to our homepage, just let us know in the dedicated section of the forum.

List of participants:

  • viiksi-vallu
  • TheWonAndOwnly
  • heke
  • RapiNG
  • LoveStruck
  • Pawlak_PL
  • OsG-PacMan
  • Slayers_MMA
  • RoC-Wolf
  • obamaslashosama
  • K-MeL


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Comment #1Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:47 pm
*Sign me up*
Comment #2Sat Apr 04, 2015 16:01 pm
sign me
Comment #3Sat Apr 04, 2015 16:36 pm
bring me in bitches
Comment #4Sat Apr 04, 2015 16:37 pm
and check in
Comment #5Mon Apr 06, 2015 16:41 pm
Why in Roc ladder havent people and games?
Comment #6Mon Apr 06, 2015 19:32 pm
5# People prefer playing in Bnet with delay, hackers and variety of other reasons, stupidity.
Comment #7Wed Apr 08, 2015 13:58 pm
in roc 14 users and 0 games, on the chanel only i am and W3A-hostbot, Maybe i do anything dont right? Someone must be there for all day...Tft all good.
Comment #8Wed Apr 08, 2015 14:00 pm
I all day there search game, but didnt see anyone
Comment #9Wed Apr 08, 2015 14:02 pm
But if see on the ladder in roc war3arena 350 players...
Comment #10Wed Apr 08, 2015 17:11 pm
9# Most of those players on tft when you see ''14'' users on roc, its actually 0 players those are somekind of hostbots, I think. Stick around on weekends tho, we tend to have tournaments on w3arena ( roc ) during weekends, and after those people stay to play some rts :)
Comment #11Thu Apr 09, 2015 20:21 pm
10# Most of those 14 players on roc****are somekind of hostbots.
Comment #12Fri Apr 10, 2015 13:30 pm
On the chanel is hostbot W3A-HostBot, Can i and my friend create game with it helps?

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