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W3Arena: Profiles & Ladder reset!

Published Wed Mar 06, 2013 by LoveStruck
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I'm pleased to announce that we have finally added the online- userprofiles to our website! Whenever you click on a username on the Ladderpage or top 15 on the frontpage, you will be re-directed to that users profile.

As for the plans of right now, they are as following.

Before we are going to end Beta, we recently had the remaining goals:
- User Profiles on our webpage (Which are done now)
- US Bots integrated into the original server
- Minor bug fixes & testing the stability of the server after these changes
- Creating a new tutorial video with all of the changes made during this Beta.
- LADDER RESET!!!! Yes, you are reading it well. We will be resetting the ladder of W3Arena in Beta first one time, to test how it will go and if there are no problems with the ladder reset for future use. We will be resetting the ladder SOMEWHERE ON WEDNESDAY 13th OR THURSDAY 14th of March!

The ladder reset means that only the SOLO/RT/AT stats and ranking will be deleted. You will keep your icons/race/total stats. They will NOT be reset.
*Important: After beta, we will NOT reset all accounts. You will receive a button on your profile after Beta on where you may reset your account stats COMPLETELY! This can be done then once every 2-3 month only.

After these updates on, we will be ENDING BETA.

Next question arising:
"Whats going to happen after Beta has been ended?"

- Ladder-reset
- Ladder event for first ladder season with award(s).

These will be the main issues that are to be taken care of after Beta is over.

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