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Published Tue Dec 11, 2012 by LoveStruck
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Did you ever dream about playing ladder while having an awesome ping, playing on new maps and last but not least, playing without hackers? Then is your place to be!

Right now, you may be thinking.. How is this possible? How did you manage it? Well, that's easy to explain. With a private WarCraft III server!

The server will be able to provide you with:
1. A private ladder with ladderpage and profiles, hosted by Hostbots.
2. New and improved maps added to the mappool.
3. Anti-hack implementation! Hacking won't be possible, and if people are somehow still able to hack, they get banned & our anti-hacksystem gets updated!
4. We provide to you a list of people that are online and streaming. Your own stream can be added as well!
5. A forum to provide us with feedback/tips/ideas and suggestions to improve the server with.
6. Alot of other small things and details such as the Icons (Footman, Ghoul etc.) that are more easily obtainable. Normally it takes 25 wins for a Footman, 250, 500, and 1500 for the last icon, while on the w3arena server it will only require 20 - 100
- 200 - 500 wins!
7. Our own matchmaking system, which we can change however we want it, so that people will have less waiting time and more games!

In the future, there will ofcourse be other things like ladderevents and other kind of tours as well. For now though, we will enter the beta-time of the server. At this moment, we have added several maps (some standard ones and some that were made by people of the RoC co
mmunity, including new ones) And there are already some changes done to these maps. If you'd like to know what has changed and whats different, come join us by downloading the client right here:

- Download Client Here -

Will we be seeing you soon on the battlefield!?

If your answer is yes, then check out the instructionvideo below:

*Note: The website design looks different, but the rest functions the same!

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