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Twooth for Twooth

Published Mon Jan 04, 2010 by LoveStruck
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It's an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Twooth for Twooth

Here is the result from last nights 2on2 tournament.

RainyMonday & Somethiniswrong

1 : 2



Information about lost newspost/comments:
Alot of you maybe is wondering why all comments/news are removed. No, there is nothing "hacked" or w/e. The reason is simply that we accidently have allowed immature people with menstruation problems aboard on staff team, for this we ask for your apologies. Please forgive us for not removing Fredo) from staff earlier than this (since he actually let this happen once before through his account).

If someone wondering why Fredo) acted like this, reason is that he wanted to play in the 2on2 tournament. But he forgot to check-in. Check-in was suppposed to be done 15 minutes before 2 PM. And exactly around 2 PM, when brackets was created, Fredo) arrived and demanded that he should play because he was so super-pro and he didn't understand how I couldn't let super-pro Fredo) be in tournament. He started flaming and spamming channel about me and the tournament. He didn't stop and I kicked him out from the channel (we needed room for players rather than spammers anyhow). He removed my newspost about the tournament, I removed his access. But his access remained as long as he still was logged in, then he had his emotional breakdown and removed everything.

But do not worry. Fredo was just very sad and needed someones shoulder to cry on, now problem is solved, he has EXO.LOONEY and Toxigrinta to go cry to. We all need someone to cry to from time to time, and let's just hope he is doing okey now. ?

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