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1vs1 Kappa Cup #2

Published Thu Sep 24, 2015 by CUBORG
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1vs1 Kappa Cup

Start: September 24 2015 - 07:30 pm CEST (05:30 pm time)

Meeting: - Clan 4on

Format: Solo - Single Elimination BO3 - Semifinal and Final BO5

Mappool: PI OS LT TP GW w3arena version

Hostbot: RP.Hostingbot

Race: Any race allowed. Players must pick and tell their race to their opponents before vetoing the maps.

Map Veto:

- BO3: Each participant vetoes 1 map (can't veto LT). The remaining 3 maps can be played. 1st map is LT. The player who lost picks the next map. Maps can't be repeated in the same round.

- BO5 (Semifinal and Final): There is no veto. Semifinal first map is PI, Final GW. The player who lost picks the next map. Maps can't be repeated in the same round. 

Default win: a default win can be obtained if the opponent doesn't show up for 15 minutes.
If a game has started and a player disconnects, the game can be replayed if the opponent agrees. If the disconnected player obviously won the match, the replay must be sent to an admin, who then will decide whether the match will be restarted or not.

For a rematch, participants have to choose the same races as in the previous one. In case of random, the player has to pick the same race he randomized before.

Everyone is welcome except: smurfs, hackers and trolls.

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  • RapiNG
  • viiksi-vallu
  • LoveStruck
  • schappi
  • feeltheskill-
  • heke
  • SlayerS_MMA

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