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Important Notification: Security

Published Wed Nov 26, 2014 by LoveStruck
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A few weeks ago we talked about the misdeeds of HB the specialist. Now it's time to resume the topic, and I'd like to split it into two parts. 

First off, I wanted to make a short reply to Bumelant's ridiculous newspost, where he states "I focused on the activity of hackers and removed about 20 comments of theirs", which would match with the amount of total comments deleted by him, 22 in a month. Nice try, considering that he deleted several positive feedbacks by known members of the community (e.g. Ketchup_74, MizM, Tank) on the most recent active/promoted replays. 

Also, I'm pretty sure everybody is aware of the havoc that has been brought right after the publication of our latest newspost (admins downgraded, Snowbreeze messing up with blue text and so on). Well, the culprits are GhoST.ReTorNo. and HUMAN(AMROCK, who happen to belong to the Rocarena staff as well, just to let you know.

Clarified this, let's move to the second part, the most important: security. Previously Karsten was talking about a possible data leak. We looked into the website and detected many malicious scripts that allowed external people to put hands on passwords and logs. Pad managed to fix the major issue, so now we strongly suggest you to change the username password right away. Also, you should change any other password used for other services (e.g. Paypal, personal email) if you ever used it for this website. Yet, as already stated, Replayers is 12 years old and has never been affected by significant changes to its code, therefore we can not rule out a recurrence of these events in the future.

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