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hb the specialist

Published Thu Nov 06, 2014 by LoveStruck
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Dear Replayers,

I will tell you the story of something that is hidden in the bowels of this website.

Replayers has always suffered the bad people who exploited its flaws to destroy the community and admins' work and it has been hacked countless times for years: this is because of the very old code with which is built and the lack of technical web support. I guess most of you have already noticed the mysterious disappearence of some replays and comments and the removal of the news which happened several times, not to mention that many accounts got deleted and the ones belonging to the admins and Raping once got even banned.

Our website just moved to another web provider a few weeks ago and since then it slightly improved, granting us a better visibility of what is going on.

Earlier I talked about "something that is hidden in the bowels of this website". Well, we have recently spotted a worm who was using one of the admins' accounts to crawl into the system, in order to convey a bad impression to the users by deleting positive feedbacks from TOP replays and ROTW, wiping out sentences that offended his person, as well as removing some of the most popular players' comments because he seemingly cannot stand with the fact that they are visiting this website.

What could be the cause of this? Our hypothesis is that Derkleineman, the admin whose account got stolen, used the same password for both Replayers and Rocarena. Therefore, we strictly recommend you to change it, since this individual may do whatever he feels like with it.

So, who is this weirdo, you may ask? If you haven't realized yet, he is no other than bumelant, also known as hb, the head admin of rocarena.

He was using Derkleineman's account until a few days ago and he probably had no idea he could have ever been spotted until now.

Thanks to our website logs, that among the other things, store the IP addresses of the users, we managed to go back to his location: Warsaw, Poland

At that point things started to become clearer, but we needed another proof, something who could have strengthened our suspect. Then, we've checked the logs of 

our hostbot (RP.HostingBot), looking for the occurrences of that very same IP address.

There it was his fatal mistake, trying to join one of the hosted games with his account R_O_C_A_R_E_N_A: hostbot logs

He has always claimed not to give a damn about Replayers and, I don't know why, I even believed him. Well, after checking his activities on the website I had to 

change my mind: he's basically visiting us every single day and he makes so many actions that he managed to reach the peak of 387 whithin a single day.

Of course he spent his time on the website to peek into our internal chat to be always up-to-date and to "manage" comments.

The following logs show that he removed 22 comments in two weeks: website logs

A few days ago I was in the clan 4On channel, where Pokinho was asking something about replays and the war between the websites. Callmevinc answered stating 

that "there's no war, just two people hating each other".

If this sentence was referring to me, Cuborg, and bumelant, I think he can't be more wrong.

I've always been patient and comprehensive towards him, waiting for the day he grew up, and yet... such childish things still happen.

Hopefully the abovementioned facts will open your eyes, the eyes of the ones who are still not aware the dark side of the Moon.

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