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Published Tue Feb 04, 2014 by LoveStruck
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Replayers is glad to present a new tournament, Teamcraft!

This tournament is very similar to the King of the Hill (KotH). A group of friends sticks together to face another team. Every team consists of 4 players. Each battle will be played in a CW-like format. The winning team will keep on.
If a team wins 5 times, the tournament is successfully completed and it will be the winner of this event.

Registration is open. The team leaders can send their applications via email to
Required information:
Team tag
Team leader contacts (skype or email)
The 4 members (main accounts and countries)

The tournament will start as soon as the first two teams will sign-up. These teams will clash one another and the resulting winner will afterwards have to play against the next challenger. Who wins keeps on playing, the order of priority for the challenging teams corresponds exactly to order in which we have received the registration emails. The first team to achieve 5 wins in a row will be declared the ultimate winner.
If you are eliminated, you can apply again, but at least 1 member has to be different.
Once the opponent teams are established, both of them will have 1 week to play their games. The team leaders will receive a deadline.
Each member has to play at least one game. A player cannot play more than once in a game type, except for the one not playing 1vs1, who can play both the 2vs2 games.
Every game has to be uploaded on with the tournament tag: Teamcraft


As previously mentioned, the game format will be like a classic clans war: three 1vs1 and two 2vs2. Every game is BO3.
Map pool:
1vs1: rLT(1), rSV, rRV, rTP, rGW
2vs2: rLT(1), rTP, rGW, rSB, The Crucible
The winner vetoes, the loser picks.
The team winning three BO3 will be declared winner.

Hostbot: RP.HostingBot

Broadcast may be available on the mainpage.

Let's have some fun, may the best team win!

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