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Published Sat Jan 18, 2014 by LoveStruck
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ReplayKit by NierenSchredder

This tool gives you the possibility to watch replays of ALL patches! Additionally it corrects invalid map paths in replays, so that no annoying copying of maps by hand has to be done! On top of that, properly installed, it just takes ONE click to view any replay!

Work flow:

After installing ReplayKit you just have to open W3G files via double click or right click -> open and the magic begins! If the replay was played on a different patch version, you get a short message and then WC3 gets patched and started. After quitting WC3 the original version is recovered automatically and you receive a notification. ReplayKit also handles invalid map paths in replays, as it just corrects them and passes the new replay to WC3.

ReplayKit requirements:
  • Windows XP or later
  • Warcraft 3 TFT @ patch 1.26a (important!)
  • 220MB memory space (180MB patch data + exe + another 40MB for a automatically created back up of your game)
Quick Installation-Guide:
  1. Download "ReplayKit.exe" HERE
  2. Download "ReplayKitPatch.mpq" HERE
  3. Move both files into your Warcraft 3 folder
  4. Start "ReplayKit.exe" to install it quickly (creates a backup of WC3 and sets registry keys)


  • NO CD 'ReplayKitPatch.mpq': to get old replays working with NO CD REQUIRED. And the best of it: It's not illegal
  • For all patches from 1.00 to 1.26a
  • Fast and stable patching (creates a backup automatically)
  • Requires just a fraction of memory space compared to other patchers
  • Easy to handle
  • Possibility to watch games in windowed mode (right click replays and select "run windowed mode")
  • support for really old RoC versions (< 1.07)
  • All the testing was done on an ENGLISH WC3 version! If you have another language installed, feel free to report bugs, so they can be fixed. Normally there shouldn't be any, except for some text-language-mixing
  • Patch 1.24ab and Patch 1.24cde are incompatible, but the build versions of their replays are the same! So for this case YOU have to tell ReplayKit which version is correct (if you don't know that, run the replay twice, then you'll be fine anyway)
  • Using Windows XP, a window "Run as" may pop-up. You have to unselect "Protection of the computer and datas against the unauthorized program activities" then click OK

ReplayKit detailed information:

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