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LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #6

Published Mon Dec 16, 2013 by LoveStruck
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Replayers LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #6

The end is near. The ladder stage is coming to an end, but still many players are struggling to get a spot for the next stage.

It shouldn't surprise you anymore if I state once more that we have a new rank one, FarSeer, and two newcomers bursted into the top 8. It's just great to see players' motivation growing higher and higher while time is running out!


- Current top 8 -

About the ladder
As previously reported, last week's situation was very particular, since players' experience points were similar to each other, with a maximum level difference, between rank 1 and 8, equal to 3. Now, the newest rank one has already detached his chasers by at least 3 levels, while the previous, k1LLeR_96, has incredibly dropped to rank 5. Part of the fault may be due to the few wins achieved during the last week (5), but it's very interesting to report that 79, instead, managed to jump of two positions with just 18 wins. Last but not least, ZueD and NeedLess overtook Shink and LanaDelRey, which statically kept their rank for two weeks.

Someone may have not read the competition newspost, someone else is just forgetful, or simply some information is still missing, so this is a good opportunity to recall you guys a few things. First off, for who hasn't already been able to read the newspost, you can still read it by clicking here. Also, the ladder stage will exactly end at the midnight (00:00 CET) between December 22 and December 23. About the final stage, dates haven't been decided yet, but we're planning to ask to each finalist his preferences. Approximately, it should be held in January. For other clarifications, feel free to write under this newspost.

A simulation
What would happen if the ladder stage ended right now? Nobody will ever know, but doing an assumption with real data wouldn't be that bad! So, below you can find a simulation of the final stage, made by exploiting the results achieved between these players during the ladder stage up to now. Note, however, that the matches between Pawlaki and k1LLeR_96 and between FarSeer and k1LLeR_96 both ended with an overall draw (respectively 1-1 and 8-8), so I was forced to take "extra" data to continue the simulation.


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