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LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #5

Published Sat Dec 07, 2013 by LoveStruck
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Replayers LoneWolf#4 Weekly update #5

First off, our deepest apologies for having skipped the fourth update. Today, we're going to take a look to what happened up to now, and more.

The most striking change is definitely the one occurred at the top of our ladder. Joker has lost, after almost 5 weeks, his primacy in favor of k1LLeR_96!



- Current top 8 -


From the bottom...
The second half of the top 8 seems not to have been altered much since our latest report, but appearences can be deceiving. iconkrete unexpectedly left his place to Pawlaki's comeback, who was also recently demoted. Furthermore, what's really noticeable is the struggle for these positions: the difference in experience between these players is lower than a level! the top
About the first half, we can only leave space to the evidence: the tables have been totally shuffled. New rank one, everybody has almost the same experience points as the others and, last but not least, they are reaching the top of the BNet ladder as well.

Did you know?
*Note that the following statistics are referred to the top 8 only.
? 79, as Undead, won 86.7% of his games against Humans.
? FarSeer has the highest win percentage (64.3%)
? FarSeer plays only as Orc.
? FarSeer wins on LT 3 times out of 4.
? FarSeer, despite his name, awakened BM and TC more times than the omonymous hero.
? Frost, Moon and SB are the least played maps.
? Habu doesn't abuse.
? Habu doesn't veto any map.
? Habu, as Orc, won 88.2% of his games against Humans.
? Joker played the most (102.9 hours).
? k1LLeR_96 has never lost games longer than 30 minutes.
? LanaDelRey plays only as Undead.
? LT and GW are the most played maps.
? Pawlaki awakened KotG and PotM more times than DH.
? Pawlaki lost 183 games in less than 6 minutes.
? Pawlaki played the least (45.87 hours).
? Shink achieved the best win streak (38).

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